My Testimony

If you read these blogs regularly, you know that I say my testimony is strength. I found God at ten years old in the middle of sexual abuse and he instilled in me a strength that I am proud of. There are many flaws that I have, but being weak is not one of them. […]

His Power

On December 31st 2020 ended. I wasnt one of those people who was highly optimistic. I knew that there was only one sleep between 2020 and 2021. I knew that not a lot would change during that sleep except the number on the end every time I write a date down. So here we are […]



I recently had a conversation about my love for hiking. This conversation reminded me of how much peace I get from it. Of how much I have learned from it this past year. There is nowhere else that I find the peace that I have than when I am on a trail. There is a […]

That Stupid Tree

I haven’t made a blog post in a while. You can call it writer’s block. You can say I just haven’t been in a writing mood. Both are probably accurate. But today, I have too much on my mind. The best way to get stuff off my mind is to write. The holiday season officially […]

Having Faith

Having faith doesnt make your life simple. It doesnt guarantee that hard times wont come. It doesnt guarantee that you wont end up stressed out, broken hearted, or discouraged at times. It isnt all rainbows and sunshine. You will have storms. You will have times in your life where you feel like everything is stacking […]

Priscilla and Aquila

This morning, my little girl woke up to our dog dead next to her. He normally sleeps with me, but last night he wanted to be in there with her. He was sick yesterday, but the vet was confident that he would be fine. He seemed to be feeling much better. He even played with […]

Magnify Him

In this world today, there are so many things that can harden us. Social media is full of negativity. You can stand in a gas station and hear gossip. You can watch the news and see the anger and evil that this world is full of. If you have read this blog, you have a […]

His Plan Prevails

CONTROL… What a small word with such a big meaning. Control is one thing that can be hard in faith sometimes. Sometimes, we see things in our own way and choose to do things in our own strength. Most of the time, its simply because we cant give up control. We forget to trust Him. […]

The Pursuit of Happiness

I think that as human beings, we are all seeking one common thing in life. Happiness. Happiness may look different for each of us, but I dont think anyone goes through life searching for anger, lonliness, exhaustion, anxiety, or stress. Not on purpose at least. I was doing my study tonight and this verse stood […]

31 Before 31

I am a little late in this post. If you have read my blogs before, you know exactly what this is. If not, this is my bucket list. Thirty one things to do before I am thirty one. I did a list for before I turned thirty and it kept me motivated and honestly really […]