Its Him..

When I think about youth groups from when I was younger, I can remember the worship, the eagerness to learn, the passion for Christ. Now that I am teaching youth (middle schoolers to be exact), I wonder if I dreamed all of that up in my head. Don’t get me wrong, I have a great […]

New Year’s Lock In

One of our favorite things we do with our youth is our lock-ins. We usually try to have at least two a year. We stay up all night and have worship time, lessons, and of course fun and games. We decided to ring in the new year by having a lock in with our youth. […]

30 before 30

While skimming the pins on pinterest, I came across a turning 30 bucket list. Since I will be thirty in September, I quickly searched for more of these “30 before 30” bucket lists and knew I had to create my own. This is exactly what I need to focus on this year. I created my […]

The Journey Begins

As I approach turning 30, I realize that I need to start chasing life with the boldness that somewhere deep inside God has instilled in me. I need to ignite the fire in my faith. I need to be the hands and feet of Jesus. I need to be a fire for my family. I […]