30 before 30

While skimming the pins on pinterest, I came across a turning 30 bucket list. Since I will be thirty in September, I quickly searched for more of these “30 before 30” bucket lists and knew I had to create my own. This is exactly what I need to focus on this year. I created my bucket list to focus on my relationship with Christ, my family, my health, and my future. Below is my 30 before 30 bucket list. I will update as I check off these items.

#1. Do 30 local mission projects. How can I call myself a follower of Christ if I am not out being His hands and feet? While I had to be realistic and couldn’t likely go on a missions trip before September, I knew that I could be his hands and feet right here in my little one stoplight town. I’m not sure what all I will do, but I will do my best to seek out what will best bring honor to God while fulfilling needs in my community.

#2. Learn to play piano. This one is one for me. This is something I have always wanted to do. My 8yr old daughter has taken an interest in piano, so what better way to learn than to learn with her?

#3. Run another 5k. In 2018, me and my best friend worked all summer at trying to get in shape. We ran our first 5k that September. Then we quit. The funny thing is..I LOVE RUNNING! Yes, its hard to start but once you get going, you feel stronger and better. I used winter as an excuse and I gave up. But I will start over. This year a 5k. Who knows what next year will bring.

#4. Ask 30 strangers if they know Jesus. Sounds easy, right? NOT FOR ME! Have I mentioned Im trying to be bold? Im just not bold yet. Speaking to 30 strangers about Jesus is going to be a task for me. But its something I need to do. Speaking about Jesus to anyone and everyone should be a part of every christian’s normal routine. I can and I will do this!

#5. Lose 15 pounds. This sounds like a new years resolution. But really I hope it will be a lifestyle change. I need to be in charge of my body and make it strong. I need to take control of my health.

#6. Learn more spanish. During my preteen/teenage years, I was around several people who spoke spanish. My own niece and nephew are half Mexican with grandparents who barely speak any english. This led to me knowing and understanding some spanish. I can piece spanish sentences together. To a native spanish speaker, I probably sound like I learned my spanish from Dora the Explorer, but I can pretty much pick out enough words in a sentence to understand the jist of what is being said when someone is speaking spanish. My goal is to learn more and to become completely fluent. This likely wont happen by my 30th birthday which is why the goal is learn more spanish!

#7. Enroll in education classes. My dream has always been to be a teacher. I am a sunday school teacher now and taking on that role has only confirmed to me that I want to teach! I basically have all of my gen ed classes done from when I attended Murray State, so the goal is not too far out of reach. I love kids. I want to be a light for kids.

#8. Ride a horse. Ha! I live in a one stoplight town in Kentucky. Im surrounded by farms. Yet, I have never been on a horse. When I was little my mom would take us over to her friend’s house after church on Sundays. One day, my sister was riding on one of their horses and it bucked her off. I guess that scared me and I never got on a horse. But time to change that!

#9. Go to a Chris Tomlin concert. Chris Tomlin is my favorite christian artist. I feel like his songs focus on worshipping and praising God. I imagine his concerts would be full of people singing and praising God and my soul desperately wants to be included in that!

#10. Read all of Paul’s letters. These are: Romans, 1 Corinthians, 2 Corinthians, Philemon, Galatians, Philippians, 1 Thessalonians, 2 Thessalonians, Ephesians, Colossians, 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy and Titus. I have read scripture from most of these books, but I haven’t read through each of them.

#11. Visit a new state. There are so many beautiful things that God created. Time to start exploring them!

#12. Make a homemade apple pie. I am not a baker. Not even a little bit. Matter of fact, for years the joke at my family Christmas was that I better not get the kitchen stuff when playing dirty santa. Somehow, I managed to always end up with the kitchen stuff though! Maybe, God was laughing too! I like to think He has a sense of humor! But, all joking aside, if Im going to embrace a new side of myself, then I have to start trying new things. Even things like baking.

#13. Learn to sew. My mom is so good at sewing. She has made skirts and blankets for my girls. I bought my 10 yr old a sewing machine for Christmas and I don’t even know how to begin. I can stitch a hole with a needle and thread by hand. But by my birthday I will have sewn a pillow using the sewing machine!

#14. Go kayaking. I have always wanted to go! Im not sure why I am almost 30 and have never been. This one is happening if nothing else does!

#15. Have 20 family game nights. Motherhood is busy and hard and tiring! Don’t get me wrong, its the best part of my life. But I would be lying if I said it was easy. So Im going to commit to 20 game nights with my kids. Just time at home with me and them!

#16. Read 5 books that are considered “classic”. I love to read. But I probably have not read many of the books that are considered “classics.” Books like Moby Dick, Jane Eyre, Great Expectations, and so many more. Please feel free to suggest some! I will let you know which 5 I pick.

#17. Photograph 5 families. Photography is my passion. I take all of my own children’s photos. I have done photos for my sisters, my best friend, and some other friends. This is a true passion of mine. But I don’t put it out there. Im not bold in my passion! So that is why this made my list.

#18. Complete a sketchbook of drawings. Something most people don’t know about me is that Im pretty decent at drawing. Its not a passion to me like photography is but Im good at it. I may as well embrace it and grow in it.

#19. Learn to shoot a gun. Not a BB gun😂 Who says shooting is just a man’s thing?

#20. Have a just me day. All day. No people. Just me. I have spent a lot of time forgetting that I am more than just Mommy. As women we all need to take time for ourselves too. If we don’t we can lose ourselves in the motions of life.

#21. Start a tradition with each kid alone. Lets face it..when you have 3 kids, they dont get enough one on one time. Between all the daily chaos, who has time? But I am going to start a new tradition with each of them. Something they can look forward to with Mommy each year. Not sure what I will do with each of them but Ill let you know!

#22. Spend a weekend with no phone. What better way to grow in faith, family, and friendships than to unplug for a minute. This probably needs to happen multiple times!

#23. Take family photos for mom. Every year I say Im going to do this. Take actual “professional” photos of all my sisters and our kids. It needs to be done! So if I put it on this list it has to be done!

#24. Take a weekend girls only trip. My best friend and I promised to do this. Friendships are important. Especially when you find one that keeps you on your journey with God and helps you find your way back when you lose your fire. I imagine this trip will not only strengthen our friendship but also our faith.

#25. Visit St. Jude. As one of the youth leaders at my church, this has been something on my heart. I want to take our youth to St. Jude. Let them play with the kids. Let them pray with the kids. I think this will benefit all involved.

#26. Memorize 10 new Bible verses. As kids we are told to memorize this verse and that verse. But I think as adults we should too. We should be equipped with God’s Word. We should be able to share it in a moments notice.

#27. Sign up for the St. Jude 10k.

#28. Sing a special at church with my kids. I love music. I love to sing. But Im not great at it. I wish I was but that was not the gift that God gave me. Im not terrible, just an average singer. But God doesn’t need me to be Lauren Daigle to sing to Him. He wants us to praise Him. And as scared as I will be, I will get up there and praise Him with my babies (who are good at singing and aren’t scared to do it.)

#29. Restart the youth prayer group. My friend and I did have a youth prayer group at church but we gave up when the kids quit coming. But God does not give up so why should we. I have 3 kids and she has 2. We start with that. And I have faith that God will grow it.

#30. Start a blog. I wrote my 30 before 30 before I started this blog. Start a blog was on there. I can now check that off my list. I wanted a blog to hold myself accountable. To be bolder. To witness. To put myself out there. We will see how it goes!Becoming BoldBlog at WordPress.com.

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