31 Before 31

I am a little late in this post. If you have read my blogs before, you know exactly what this is. If not, this is my bucket list. Thirty one things to do before I am thirty one. I did a list for before I turned thirty and it kept me motivated and honestly really encouraged me to embrace life. So, I am doing it again, and probably will from now on. Honestly, it took me a little while to come up with thirty one things. But, I managed to do it! So, heres my plan for the next year..

1. 31 Local Missions Act. This one was on my last list. I never want to lose sight of the fact that I am called to be the hands and feet of Jesus. So this one is just my way of trying to do some small local things that hopefully can help someone else.

2. Visit a new state. This one will always be on my list. Last year was Arkansas. I don’t know where this year will be!

3. Visit 10 new waterfalls. If you know me, you know waterfalls are my thing! I cant wait to start on this one!

4. Visit a new mountain. I fell in love with Petit Jean and Mt. Nebo last year. I already have plans for this one!

5. Ride in an airplane. I had to add something that gives me a little anxiety and pushes me out of my comfort zone. Ill be terrified to do this one honestly!

6. Go kayaking. This was on last year’s list and I didnt do it. So here it is again!

7. Shoot a gun. This one was also on last year’s list and didnt get done!

8. Visit a National Park. But which one?

9. Learn to play guitar. There is a guitar hanging on my bedroom wall. I have tried but I will keep trying.

10. Zipline. I want to do this so bad! I think this one might be a thing for me and Austin!

11. Learn calligraphy. I have always wanted to do this, so why not start!

12. Grow something that actually lives. Ha. I dont know that I can pull this off, but I will try. My momma can grow anything. I will definitely have to get some pointers from her.

13. Go white water rafting. Ashley wanted me to put this on my list. I think so I will go with her haha.

14. Lose 10 more pounds. Ten pounds in a year. I got this one.

15. Get a new tattoo. I currently have two. One on my wrist that says strength intertwined with a sexual abuse awareness ribbon and one on my side of mountains and my favorite verse. My next one is already planned. Howard always got me a birthday card and never wrote anything in it except love, pops. So I want that in his handwriting.

16. Hike 20 new trails. Yes 20. I put five on last year’s list and exceeded that by a lot. So this year its 20.

17. Finish my study over the major prophets. I started this study about two years ago and never finished it, so putting it on my list will make me do it!

18. See a panda. Im serious, ya’ll! I want to see a panda so bad. I know I sound like a kid! We have had a membership to the Nashville Zoo for about four years now. They only have a red panda but I have always wanted to see a black and white panda.

19. Visit 5 state parks with my kids. There are so many around that we could make a day trip out of!

20. Paint 5 new paintings. I have recently discovered that I can somewhat paint. Its fun to find out at 30 years old that you have a hidden talent.

21. Finish the other 3 Classic books. On last year’s list I had down to read 5 classic books. I only read 2 of them.

22. Memorize 10 new Bible verses. Got to keep learning the Word!

23. Turn Quill into a hiking beagle. I keep saying I am going to make a hiker out of him. Putting it on here will make me do it.

24. Take family photos. My entire family has never had a group phot made. This has to be done.

25. Have a day with each kid alone. Being a momma of three, days like this just dont get to happen.

26. Pick a random person and pray for them everyday for a month. I saw this on Facebook and figured why not. The point is to pick someone you dont normally talk to and pray for them everyday for a month. But dont tell them.

27. Learn to make tamales. I grew up around authentic mexican food and I have always wanted to make tamales!

28. Complete a sketchbook of drawings. This one I did last year too. You only get better the more you do!

29. Invest in a new camera. My camera was broken last year. If you know me, you know photography is my biggest passion, so I definitely need to replace my camera!

30. Take a trip with my sister. We keep saying we are going to, but we never do! Me, her, and Ashley will probably end up doing a weekend trip!

31. Cook ten new recipes. I dont care too much for cooking but my kids still have to eat, so may as well learn something new while Im at it.

So there is my list! Ive already started on some! I cant wait to see where these plans lead me!

Dont just exist..LIVE!!!

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