The Pursuit of Happiness

I think that as human beings, we are all seeking one common thing in life. Happiness. Happiness may look different for each of us, but I dont think anyone goes through life searching for anger, lonliness, exhaustion, anxiety, or stress. Not on purpose at least.

I was doing my study tonight and this verse stood out to me. “The things which you learned and received and heard and saw in me, these do, and the God of peace will be with you.” Paul is telling us to remember what we learned from him. To remember to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Remember to be kind and generous. Remember to be humble. Remember to seek God and follow His ways. Then, God would be with us. We would have peace.

Peace and happiness go hand in hand. When you are at peace, you are content. You are not anxious or stressed. You are not angry or bitter. You are in a good place. Who wouldn’t want that?

In this same chapter, Paul tells us that God gives us a peace that passes all understanding. He tells us that, when we are anxious, we just have to reach out to Him. He tells us to focus and meditate on things that are good.

He also tells us to rejoice always. That word “always” really stuck out to me tonight. I bet I have read or heard that verse over hundreds of times. Normally, I would pass it over in a study. We all know we should rejoice in the Lord. Count our blessings. Praise Him. But always? Always. In every good moment. Every hard time. That’s the kicker. Rejoice when you don’t feel like rejoicing. That is when you experience His peace like never before. Watch how thanking Him and praising Him can quickly change your emotions. That peace comes in with a vengeance and kicks out the stress. Its incredible.

God knows how we feel. He knows our selfish wants. He knows our thoughts. He knows our stress. But when we take the time to tell Him anyway, He reveals Himself to us. He shows us that peace. He lets us in on a little wisdom. He reminds us of things we need to be reminded of.

All of us want happiness. Some just don’t realize it is right there waiting. There is nothing like the peace of God. Trust me, He has given it to me more times than I can count. I forget a lot of times that He is right there waiting. Waiting on me to ask. Waiting on me to talk to Him. Don’t forget He is there. He is waiting to give you His peace. He can lead you to happiness.

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