His Plan Prevails


What a small word with such a big meaning.

Control is one thing that can be hard in faith sometimes. Sometimes, we see things in our own way and choose to do things in our own strength. Most of the time, its simply because we cant give up control. We forget to trust Him. We forget that He works all things out for the good. We forget that He holds all of the power and that He is faithful to those of us who trust Him.

If you have even the slightest bit of anxiety, that word control holds some power over you. You see a problem, you want to fix it. You think something is going wrong and you have to change it. You let your anxiety and your lack of being able to control a situation get the best of you.

Or, on another hand, you have alot of anxiety. And then that word control means even more. You see a problem, and in order to control yourself, you avoid it. You control every feeling that you feel. You control every thought, every action, every emotion. Your anxiety tells you that the only way to get through your life, is to control every single aspect of your day.

I have been both of these people in my life. I spent years controlling every aspect of my life. Any friends I had in those days, are long gone. Because without realizing it, instead of allowing myself to go with the flow and trust, I found something wrong with everyone who came around. I micromanaged everything in my day.

And then, God started dealing with me about it. He started showing me that if I didnt trust Him, I would never live. If I didnt relinquish control, I would always find a reason to not be the person I was meant to be. I made it a goal to find the good in the moments I cant control. I made it a goal to count my blessings on the worst days.

But, Im human. I still have days where I get tired. I have days where nothing is in my control and everything seems to be spiraling. And sometimes, I let my emotions make me try to take control again. Instead of trusting God. Instead of trusting my people. I try to solve problems that arent mine to solve. I forget that my God is bigger. I forget that my prayers have power. And I try to do things in my own strength.

Yesterday, thats what I did. It has been a very long week. One of those weeks where it just seemed like everything was out of my control. And I lacked faith for a moment. I definitely lacked patience. I tried to solve problems while I was emotional. Thats always a bad idea yall! Remind me to leave my problems at His feet. That works better!

I have learned on my bad days, to go to my Bible. To get on my knees and give it to God. But yesterday, I forgot that He has me. I needed to fix everything. I needed to control the situations. Me trying to take control in my own hands, want to know where that got me? It created a ripple effect. It created more problems. It created barriers between me and three of my people. It only made everything worse.

But today, today I choose to give Him the day. Today I choose to give Him control. While I have to be in control of my words, how I handle situations, and how I let my emotions affect me, He has to be in control of my day. Whether it is a good or bad day, He holds all of the power. He wants me to bring my struggles to Him. He wants me to trust that in every moment, He is working.

Sometimes, that means we have to give up control. Sometimes, it means we have to trust that a bad day is not forever. Sometimes, we even have to put a little faith into the people He brings in our life. But all the time, we have to know that He is in control. That He is good. That He is faithful. That He doesnt forsake us. He has a plan. We cant let our need for control stop us from letting Him work. Remind me of that when I have my days that I forget!

We need to cling to just a little hope in everyday. A little hope that allows us to step out in faith and know that He handles all of it. We just have to trust Him and listen to His plan.

Many are the plans in a persons heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.

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