Magnify Him

In this world today, there are so many things that can harden us. Social media is full of negativity. You can stand in a gas station and hear gossip. You can watch the news and see the anger and evil that this world is full of.

If you have read this blog, you have a sense of who I am. I tend to tell you all more than I ever planned to. You have seen my bad days and my good. You have seen my emotions, my anxieties, and hopefully my strength. I never wanted to share as much as I have. But then, God reminds me that He created me the way I am for a reason.

For years, I prayed that God would open my eyes. That I would see His purpose for me. That I would know what He wants from me and what this life is supposed to be for.

My prayer in that has somewhat been answered over the last few years. Overall, I know who He created me to be. I may not know all of His plans or all of the ways He wants to use me, but I do know why He made me the way I am.

I didnt grow up with the perfect life, but really noone ever does. Ive lived through trauma. Ive done therapy. Ive lost a baby. Ive had major anxiety. Ive been divorced. Ive been abused, in more ways than one. Ive struggled.

And none of that is me complaining or wanting pity. There are a gazillion blessings that I could and have told you. Its just a part of my story.

See, my story is my purpose. God uses me and my life. He uses both my bad days and my good days. He opened my eyes to what He wants from me.

I am grateful for my trauma. I am grateful for my hard times. Why? Because I have learned to turn those big emotions into good. Even though I may not have experienced every hard thing someone goes through, I do know how it feels to be in the valley. I learned how to pray for people, and really mean it.

Ive learned how to find my strength. When hard times come, He doesnt let me give up. He created me to be a warrior. He created me to keep on trucking. Because maybe just maybe it is another chapter of my testimony. When the good comes, maybe people will see how God got me through.

I cant tell you Im always happy. I cant tell you there arent days where my faith is thin. I cant tell you there arent some people that I have a hard time finding compassion for. I cant tell you that I dont fail in some of the moments where God could really use me. I cant tell you there arent days where I question God.

What I can tell you is that He always brings me back. He always shows me strength. He replays His words that I read in my Bible studies (thats why it is so important to study His word). He is always faithful. The Bible says that so many times and its true. He always finds a way to reveal Himself. He always shows me the hope and the light. He reminds me who I am and what I am here for.

Because at the end of the day, we all have one purpose. Everyone has a story. Everyone has gone through a struggle. All of our struggles look different. Our lives will take different paths. You may be nothing like me, but our purpose is the same. To magnify Him. To let His glory be revealed through us. To spread some kind of hope in a hopeless world.

So use your story. Be proud of it. Even if its not what you thought it would be. Dont let this world or the hard times harden you. Let Him do a work in you and through you. Let Him be magnified in you! You wont always get it right, but if you let Him, He can show you the way!

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