Priscilla and Aquila

This morning, my little girl woke up to our dog dead next to her. He normally sleeps with me, but last night he wanted to be in there with her. He was sick yesterday, but the vet was confident that he would be fine. He seemed to be feeling much better. He even played with his mushu for a minute. (His mushu is what my little girl called his favorite toy.)

But this morning, I woke up to a hysterical little girl. We have only had Quill since June, but it didn’t take a long time for him to fit right into our family. He helped us after the rough time of losing Howard.

He was my buddy. My comfort when the kids are at their dad’s. We will all miss him oh so much.

But this post is not just about my Quill. Its about the people in my life. The ones who showed me just a glimpse of what kind of people we should all strive to be. The kind of person I strive to be.

My two very best friends in the world. Most of you reading this know them, but for those of you who don’t, they are a husband and wife, Tyler and Ashley. I like to call them my Priscilla and Aquila, which was a married couple in the Bible who supported Paul, and were good friends to him.

The Bible says, Priscilla and Aquila opened their home to Paul. Likewise, I have a key to my best friends’ home. Priscilla and Aquila led church in their home. Ask our former youth where our meeting house is! They traveled with Paul. In Romans, it says they risked their neck for Paul. They worked with Paul. My modern day Priscilla and Aquila would do and have done everything of the sort for me.

They are humble, so they wont like me comparing them to people in the Bible. But, they truly are my Priscilla and Aquila!

Our friendship isn’t always perfect. We’ve gone through trials. We’ve had our ups and downs. Last week actually. 😂 But these two never fail to show up. Never.

They know when Im running on fumes. They know when Im getting weary and tired. They just show up to my house when I don’t answer a phone. They remind me of God’s promises. They encourage me to read my Bible. They pray for me and with me. They answer their phone in the middle of the night or early in the morning. They are my people, a part of my village.

Today, they buried my dog. They refused to let me do it alone.

I pray that if you dont have people like this in your life, that God brings them your way. And I also pray to be a person like this. One who shows up. One who encourages. One who sheds light on the darkest days. That’s all any of us can really do. ❤

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