Having Faith

Having faith doesnt make your life simple. It doesnt guarantee that hard times wont come. It doesnt guarantee that you wont end up stressed out, broken hearted, or discouraged at times. It isnt all rainbows and sunshine.

You will have storms. You will have times in your life where you feel like everything is stacking up against you. You will have times where you feel like it would be easier to just give up.


Having faith and having Christ in your life does guarantee that you can still find peace in those moments. The Bible says that God can give us a peace that passes all understanding. I know that is true because I have been on my knees in my weakest moments. I have asked God for that peace plenty of times, and He has given it to me. He has calmed me when nothing else could.

Having faith means you find a strength to keep going when you feel like giving up. That strength doesnt come from yourself. He provides it. He puts a fight in you that makes you able to push through the chaos. He gives you a power to make it through the roughest times.

Having faith gives you hope when nothing else will. He reminds you of your purpose. He reminds you of His promises. You have to know His word. You have to know what those promises are. Because when you are at rock bottom, it is those promises that He brings to your mind. It is those promises that make you know that you have a God who is working all things out for the good. For His good.

Having faith will give you joy. You can search the world for happiness, but without Him you will never find it. There will always be a void in your life until you choose to fill it with Him. When you have Him, you will find joy in times when you think that you cant. He will bring a joy like nothing you have ever had before. You will see things in a way that you never did.

Having faith reminds you of a love that you always have. When you feel broken hearted, He is the one who comes to your rescue. He humbles you. He reminds you that He is the one who fills you. That He is the one who gives you everything that you need. He reminds you that He sent His Son to die for you. He reminds you that there is no love without Him.

Everything that we need comes from God. He is the only one who can restore you in the ways that you need to be restored. I have heard plenty of testimonies. They are all different. That is because we all find God in different moments. When I found Him, He showed me a strength that I so desperately needed. He showed me my worth in Him. He is the God of all. What you need, is what He can and will provide.

God has no evil. You will go through hard times with or without Him. But when you go through hard times with Him, He gives you exactly what you need to get through it. He isnt testing you. He isnt against you. He isnt letting you fall. He waits on you to reach out and ask Him for peace, or strength, or hope. Then, He provides it.

You may not feel like He is working. It may take time for you to see what He is doing. But cling to that faith. Even when its hard to know Hes there, when you have faith, you will catch glimpses of His work in action. You will see His hand on your life. I can promise you that.

So today, give Him your day. Ask Him for what you need. Hand Him your worries and frustrations. Ask Him to work through you today. He is the only one who can provide exactly what you need. He is the only way.

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