His Power

On December 31st 2020 ended. I wasnt one of those people who was highly optimistic. I knew that there was only one sleep between 2020 and 2021. I knew that not a lot would change during that sleep except the number on the end every time I write a date down.

So here we are in 2021. We are still in a pandemic, sadly our community has already seen death, our country is still divided, and chaos still surrounds us. Our personal lives still have their issues too.

Sometimes, I wonder if it has always been this way. Maybe as a child I was just sheltered in some ways from the chaos and hatred in the world. That may be partly true, but in a lot of ways, I think we just have so much negativity at our disposal. We feed on it, almost thrive by being fueled by the bad news that constantly surrounds us. The news all over our tvs, our cellphones, and our social media newsfeeds.

I think about my Bible. There are definitely some stories about some hard times, some wars, and some chaos. What I also get from my Bible is the good news, and that is where we are lacking.

I am in no way attacking the media. I will keep my opinion of the media out of this simply because it is not just media. I dont even watch the news. Yet still, I hear it all. I see it all. Why? Because that is what we are sharing. That is what we are talking about. We are all a bunch of (as my eleven year old would say) “Debby Downers.”

We have forgotten that even though our world changes, our God is the same God that we find in our Bible. The same one who through every hard time, every war, and every bit of chaos got the men and women of the Bible through it.

The difference? We dont have faith like Abraham. We dont hope like Moses did. We dont have a heart after God like David. We dont pray like Daniel or trust like Mary. We dont persevere like Paul. We definitely dont love like Jesus.

We focus on the bad and yet God is still able. When is the last time you heard about His power? Have you seen it? Have you asked for it? I fail miserably at that most days. I may ask for it but I fail at truly trusting He will deliver sometimes.

We tend to chalk all of His power up to coincidence, modern medicine, or just randomness. But He is still the one in control.

When I talk about faith, I always refer to strength because when I found God I needed His strength and He gave it to me. I believe He comes to us and reveals Himself to us individually in the way that we need Him most. For me it was strength, for others its hope, healing, or love. He is all of those things and more and has revealed all of that to me at different times.

The problem is we have stopped looking. We have stopped expecting those things from Him. We ask for prayers on social media and get fifty comments of people saying they will pray, but how many actually do? How many are praying with purpose and trust?

My best friend’s grandmother will not come to the door or answer her phone until she is done talking to God. Her family knows not to bother her. She is devoted. I cant tell you many people in my generation that I can say that about. It is something I need to work on myself. We have to know His power and go to Him in everything. We have to be devoted.

I asked my daughter if she told her dad that she got saved on Sunday. She said no because he was ranting about how christianity means nothing. He isnt the only person who says that. We need to show the world how christianity changes everything. How we have the same God we read about in the Bible.

I have seen His power. I see it everytime I look at my nine year old niece who was born at 28 weeks and weighed less than two pounds. I see it everytime I see my sister sing and speak at Celebrate Recovery after God took her addiction from her on her kitchen floor. I see it everytime I look at the scar on my stomach where I could’ve easily died, but he knew I had 3 kids who need me and I know I have a child up there with Him waiting on me. His power hasn’t changed. We just quit looking for it. We quit talking about it.

We have to quit being so quick to spread negativity. We have to quit letting hatred run our hearts and our words. We have to quit thinking everything is hopeless. We have Hope. We just have to seek it and believe it.

We all need some kind of miracle at some point. My God is still the God of miracles. He is still able. He is just waiting on us to really believe that. He is waiting on us to get rid of the negativity in our heads and trust that He is going to work all things for the good for those who love Him. If we look for His power, we will see it.

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