A Hope and a Future

Two blog posts in one day..hey you’re the one reading this one too! Haha! But honestly, I just wanted to share how God works. I woke up this morning and was in a funk. I didnt want to get out of bed. I got up at 5am, took my dog out, and waited on Ashley’s […]

Get Up!!

Honesty? Thats what I promised on this blog. Some people dont want to hear it though. Some people say that some things dont need to be announced to the world. But you know what? People need honesty. Some days life sucks. Some days you wake up and every bad thing creeps into your head. Some […]

My Kid Told Me

As parents, everything we do affects our children. Every decision, every mistake, every word we speak to them or in front of them. Its a whole lot of pressure honestly. What I have learned though is that we have to be honest. They learn more from the honesty than anything else. Ive learned when you […]

“My Dad”

Father’s Day is coming up. If you didn’t know, then you haven’t been shopping lately. All of the ads and aisles are full of “special ideas,” you can get for the dad in your life. This one is different for me this year. I won’t get a chocolate pie for Howard. I won’t drive to […]

Hope: an Anchor for the Soul

Waking up at 3:30 am is becoming a habit of mine. It leaves me with alot of quiet time. Which ultimately leads to writing for me! This morning I woke up thinking about hope. A friend and I were discussing hope and what it feels like not to have it. We have all been there […]

Unconditional Following

The call to follow Jesus is an unconditional call to follow. Those are words from a local preacher I listened to online. What does that mean? That means that when we choose to be a follower of Christ, we don’t get to make the conditions. We don’t get to say we will follow Him but […]

He’s in the Storm

There are so many people in my life today that are going through a trial. My heart is so burdened for them all. I wish there was something I could do for each of them. But all I have to offer is my prayers and maybe a word of encouragement. Sometimes, we don’t understand why […]

He Saves Us!

So I am the definition of a car karaoke rockstar. If you have ever, and I mean ever, been in the car with me then you know this is true. I like to blare my music and sing. This has definitely rubbed off on my children because now they are right there with me singing! […]

Seek and you will find

When we are on fire for God, we are fully aware of His power. We know what He’s capable of. We know what He will do. But when we are all out of hope, when we are in the lowest parts of our lives, we tend to forget that power sometimes. We need reminders. That’s […]

Waves of Faith

I have had alot of conversations this past week about faith with several different people. One good thing about this blog is that it does open up that conversation between me and others. I’m not really bold in person so I don’t normally have a ton of faith based conversations with people outside of my […]