For His Name’s Sake

He restores my soul. He leads me in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake. Psalms 23:3 That is my favorite verse in the Bible. If you have read my blogs, you have seen it several times. I have it permanently written on my body. It is hanging on my living room wall. I […]

Im 30 🎊🎉

Today is my thirtieth birthday! Three decades. 360 months. And you know what? Im excited. Im not excited that its my birthday. We all know birthdays are different as you get older. But Im excited about thirty.Alot of women struggle with this birthday. Knowing you are no longer in your twenties can make some people […]

Thankful for our Teachers!

Nothing about this year has been normal. There are arrows on the floor at Walmart telling us what direction to walk. Masks are required everywhere you go. Social distancing is the term you hear every day. Hand sanitizer is a hot commodity. Our world is completely different at the moment. The same goes for school. […]

Counting Blessings

School has begun and that means summer is over. No more spur of the moment trips or late nights. I have to be up by five and have the kids up by six. These last two days of trying to sink back into a routine have been a little draining. But, I have thought about […]

Life in the Desert

You can study the same story in the Bible a thousand times and God can give you something different every single time. Thats the power of His word. He can use it in ways that you have never seen before. In 2018, my best friend and I did a study on every woman in the […]

My All

Paul said, “When I am weak, then I am strong.” Paul went through more as a christian then many of us will ever come close to going through. He endured some major difficult moments throughout his life. It seems like most of his life was a battle, yet he still persevered. He kept his faith. […]

He’s There

I once got asked what is the point of having God if He still lets you go through hard times. I have to admit, on some low days, the devil has allowed me to think these same things. Knowing Christ doesnt guarantee that life will be perfect here on Earth. It does guarantee an eternity […]

My Best Life

Satan is the author of confusion. He changes your thoughts, your attitude, and your feelings if you let him. He uses your own emotions to get you away from God and does everything to begin unraveling your life. If you let him. Notice that I said, “if you let him,” twice. Because that is important. […]


So if you read my blogs faithfully, you can tell Ive been dealing with some stuff. Ill be honest and say my anxiety has been up, my sleep has been down, and my overall stress has been on the higher than normal level. I tend to take on more than God asks me to. I […]